July 13, 2024
The Fast and The Furry 2005
The Fast and The Furry 2005

Tom and Jerry The Fast and The Furry 2005 Movie Download

Tom and Jerry are evicted from their house by Tom’s owner after they destroy it during one of their usual chases. Upon seeing an ad for a reality race show titled the “Fabulous Super Race”, Tom and Jerry build their customized vehicles from a nearby junkyard before heading to Globwobbler Studios in Hollywood, California, to enter themselves in the race.

The other racers in the line include elderly Grammy and her aggressive pet dog Squirty; dark lord and florist Gorthan; superstar Steed Dirkly; single mother of four children Soccer Mom; and research scientist Dr. Professor, eliminated before the race after antimatter accidentally vaporizes him and his vehicle, leaving Tom and Jerry more room to race against the other enemies.


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