May 18, 2024
Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time 1
Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time

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Dastan, a street urchin in Persia, is adopted by King Sharaman after showing courage. Fifteen years later, the king’s brother Nizam relays evidence to the princes—Dastan, along with the king’s biological sons Tus and Garsiv—that the holy city of Alamut is forging weapons for Persia’s enemies.

Tus directs the Persian army to capture Alamut. Dastan and his friends breach the city and open a gate for the siege. During the attack, Dastan defeats a royal guard and takes from him a sacred dagger.

Alamut falls to the Persians, but Princess Tamina denies that the city has any weapon forges. Tus asks her to marry him to unite the two nations, and she only accepts after seeing the dagger in Dastan’s possession.

At their celebratory banquet, Tus has Dastan give their father an embroidered robe. However, the robe is poisoned, fatally burning Sharaman. Garsiv accuses Dastan of the king’s murder, but Dastan escapes with Tamina. Tus is appointed king and a bounty on Dastan’s head is set.


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